100 people attended the beautifull  Solvay Library in Brussels for the conference Digital Learning Trends this 25/11/2016. Alain Gerlache animated the event with good humour.

Stephen Downes and Wilfred Rubens were the two experts. They feeded our reflection about the evolution of learning in the futur.  Moreover both speakers  appreciated the audience for all their intersting questions.

Of course, the drinks and the small food afterwards, enriched the discussions during the network-moment.

In the afternoon Stephen Downes deepened his insights in a small group.

The conference was an initiative of BE-ODL*, an unique collaboration between Agence du Numérique, Fopas, Le Forem, Givi, Katholieke Hogeschool Vives,Technofutur-TIC en Vibam.

*Belgian Network for Open and Digital Learning spots digital trends in learning and training.